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NEWS: On Monday, March 31, the Senate voted 64-35 to pass a House-approved measure (HR 4302) that would delay a scheduled 24% cut to Medicare physician reimbursement rates and push the ICD-10 compliance deadline to 2015.

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FAQ: The most asked questions from our FAQ page:  Do I need a certification to get a job as a coder?
You do not. But as you might imagine, it will be easier to find a coding job (and you will make more money) if you have a certification. Some physicians will hire you if you have some experience, schooling or are in school and many people work years in the field without being certified. But being certified opens a lot of doors and gives you options. Yes, the certification exams are tough (and expensive) and you really have to know your stuff to pass. But we've never heard anyone say it wasn't worth the study, the expense and the sacrifice to become certified.